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Acunetixis the leading web vulnerability scanner used by serious Fortune 500 companies and widely acclaimed to include the most advanced SQL injection and XSS black box scanning technology.

Fast, Accurate, Easy to Use

Multi-threaded, lightning fast crawler and scanner that can crawl hundreds of thousands of pages without interruptions.

Lowest False Positive Rates

Detection of inexistent vulnerabilities are a nightmare to deal with. False positives reduce confidence in automated security testing and waste the developers’ time trying to find and fix vulnerabilities.

Integration and Extensibility

Acunetix features a powerful RESTful Application Programming Interface (REST API). The REST API allows access and management of Scan Targets, Scans, Vulnerabilities, Reports and other resources within Acunetix in a simple, programmatic manner using conventional HTTP requests.

Advanced Management and Compliance Reporting

Acunetix creates reports which allow you to share security findings internally with management and with regulatory bodies. Reports can focus either on a single Scan, on a specific Target or even on an arbitrary group of Scans or Targets.

Our Services

DeepScan Technology: Crawl and Scan Accurately

A fully automated web browser that can understand, and seamlessly interact with complex web technologies. Crawl and scan HTML5 websites, and execute JavaScript like a real browser. Analyzes web applications developed in Node.js, Ruby on Rails and Java Frameworks including Java Server Faces (JSF), Spring and Struts.

In-depth SQL Injection and XSS Vulnerability Testing

Acunetix rigorously tests for thousands of web application vulnerabilities including SQL Injectionand XSS. However, when it comes to Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), while the number of tests a scanner can run is important, it is secondary to how well it can crawl and scan an application.

Testing for Network Vulnerabilities

Acunetix scans your network for vulnerabilities and presents results inside the Acunetix Online dashboard, from where a network security report can be easily generated. Assesses security of routers, firewalls, switches and load balancers. Tests for weak passwords on FTP, IMAP, database servers, POP3, Socks, SSH and Telnet.

Scan for vulnerable wordpress login

Acunetix identifies WordPress installations, and will launch security tests for WordPress plugins and WordPress core vulnerabilities. The WP plugins detected, are listed in the WordPress plugins Knowledge Base including a description, version number and latest version of plugin to update to.

Malware URL detection

Acunetix includes a malware detection service that detects URLs linking to external sites known to host malware or that are known to be used for phishing attacks.

Trusted By Over 11,000 Organizations

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  • Acunetix Quick-start Guide

    Acunetix Quick-start Guide

    This short guide covers how to launch a scan, analyze the scan results and create a report.

  • What's New in Acunetix v11

    What’s New in Acunetix v11

    Acunetix v11 focuses on closing the remediation gap faster, with less friction and more insight.

  • Why you need a web vulnerability scanner

    Why you need a web vulnerability scanner

    As many as 70% of websites have vulnerabilities which hackers can exploit to access private backend data such as customer details and financial information.

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