APPSONECognitive Automation for IT Operations


Big data technologies, with increased scalability and advanced functionalities, are ripe for AIOps implementation.


Reduce incidences of alerts with smart technology. Isolate the root cause from the symptom to prevent duplication of issues.


Create capacity planning models to efficiently manage resource allocation and reduce cost of operations.

Easy visualization of processes

Customizable dashboards display Application Flow Maps and Transaction Flow Paths.

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Application: A map of various connections across all layers of an application and its dependencies. These connections are dynamically discovered across all the layers.
Transaction: Incisive framework that extracts intelligence into the performance of an enterprise’s digital assets. Business transactions traverse across multiple applications monitoring and transaction flow path provides a holistic view of such business transactions. Our team of experts in cyber security will help you in identifying best application monitoring tools and end user performance monitoring tools.

End User Analytics

Understand & troubleshoot browser-side issues of with application monitoring tools, as well as gain insights on how end customers use applications. Data on end user behavior helps in troubleshooting issues, or even be warned in advance if application users are facing issues on the pages These issues could be local to the end-user and not from a central datacenter.

Capacity Planning

Based on work load to behavioral patterns learnt, clear estimates on infrastructure requirements using what-if analysis helps in Capacity Planning and Management.

Cognitive Forensics and Remediation

Appsone Investigate and fetch the forensic data by performing a deep-dive, enabling to infer the root cause of the alerts generated and automation module triggers automated workflows that perform restoration or remedial actions to address the performance issues as they occur.

Batch Job Analytics

One of the missing pieces in end user performance monitoring tools is identifying the batch load. Batch execution patterns are dynamically identified using machine learning algorithms. Any deviations on these batch runs are analyzed and can be fixed preemptively.

With a presence in India, UAE, and USA we have cemented our position as front-runners in the industry

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