Digital Signage

Why we are different from other digital signage service providers because we provide Data driven solutions that connects data sources and dynamic content to create truly smart digital signage.

Mindfire Technologies provide complete smart digital signage solution with smart tools, data integration, and everything you need to design, distribute, and play visual media on your screens.

What makes us different from other Digital Signage Service Providers

Get Smart - Digital Signage Service Providers

Get Smart

Connect with data sources like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, room reservation systems, and social media to create truly smart digital signage.

Innovate - Digital Signage Service Providers


Add interactivity, real-time web content, and analytics to your screens and change what’s possible with signage.

Change Dynamics - Digital Signage Service Providers

Change Dynamics

Integrate multiple data sources to create dynamic content, add If-This-Then-That rules, and offer real-time updates.

Engage - Digital Signage Service Providers


Design, schedule, distribute, play, and manage messages on all your screen to connect with any target group.