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Hornet Securityoffering high level protection for customers’ IT infrastructures, Hornet security stands out by being user friendly, easy to manage, and its delivery of high level transparency and control.

Managed security services

Hornetsecurity is a premium provider of managed security services. Our products ensure efficient and secure communications by email and on the Internet.

Spam and Virus Filter

Safeguard your email communications, and protect your inbox from unwanted messages. In the simplest way possible, without having to give up control.

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your company from targeted and individualized attacks like CEO fraud, ransomware, phishing and blended attacks.

Email Encryption

The low-cost automatic email encryption service protects incoming and outgoing emails against phishing and fraud.

Our Services

Email Archive

Effortless email archiving: Archive all your incoming and outgoing emails in secure data centers in a manner that ensures data integrity and compliance with applicable laws.

Email Continuity

A stand-by system in case of emergency. Activated within a few seconds, our service will keep your email system running in case of a breakdown.

Encrypted Online Storage

Hornetdrive, the fully encrypted online storage solution has received an award from EuroCloud in the category “Best SaaS Service on the Market”.

Hosted Exchange

For trouble-free, secure and convenient mail traffic – Hosted Exchange is the ideal solution especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Email Signature and Disclaimer

Hornetsecurity offers you the possibility to set up uniform and legally compliant e-mail signatures and disclaimers for the entire company quickly and easily.

Trusted By Over 11,000 Organizations

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    Advanced Threat Protection

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    Was is CEO-Fraud?

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    Was is Phishing?

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