Proofpoint Email Security

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection is one of many email security gateway products currently on the market. It is specifically designed to examine Advanced threat protection, Email Protection, Information Protection, Archiving & Compliance. Proofpoint is an email protection service provided to protect faculty and staff from email threats by securing and controlling inbound and outbound email. Mindfire Technologies leading information technology, consulting and business process IT services company provide Proofpoint Email Security UAE with 24/7 support locally.

Proofpoint Email Security UAE

Proofpoint Email Security Services

  • Advanced threat protection – Detect, research, and respond to threats more quickly, accurately, and confidently.
  • Email Protection – The tools you need to defend against threats, ensure business continuity, and implement inbound and outbound email policies.
  • Information Protection – Find, track, and safeguard data in email, SaaS applications, on-premises file shares and SharePoint.
  • Archiving & Compliance – Retain, discover, and supervise data across all communication platforms to ensure compliance.

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