Google discontinues Google Search Appliance (GSA)

April 24th, 2018

Google discontinues Google Search Appliance, the company’s first business-focused product introduced in 2002, is being phased out. Google Search Appliance (GSA) delivers a flexible, powerful search and analytics capabilities that support various business functions. Google is phasing out the GSA as part of its strategy to move from an on-premise to a cloud-based solution.

Google discontinues Google Search Appliance Renewal

GSA renewals end in 2018 and support ends in 2019. Once the license expires, your GSA will cease to work. Hence, the critical date for a GSA user is the license expiration date.

If you are currently running your search applications it’s imperative to plan the transition from GSA to another application. Here are Top 5 criteria for selecting a GSA replacement. Google discontinues Google Search Appliance

Core Technology

During your research to find a replacement, it’s imperative to ask the following questions.

What is the core programming technology?
Is it open source or proprietary?
What is the total cost of ownership?
What are the skill sets required to implement the solution?

Open source solution like Elasticsearch provides economic advantages and higher degree of flexibility. However, your organization may need a skilled pool of resources to implement the solution.


Search engines can scale up to handle billions of documents. However, as the data volume increases, the search engine has to be configured accordingly. For commercial search engines, cost is affected by its ability to scale.


GSA provides comprehensive security features to safeguard your documents. One has to makes sure that following security features are available in your selected search engine.

• Authentication / SSO (Single Sign On)
• Authorization
• Document-level security
• Field-level security
• Third-party security trimming APIs

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